Directions to Akaka Falls State Park

Our farm Akaka Pitstop is on the road to Akaka Falls state park.  We encourage you to go visit the park, and please stop at our farm stand on the way up and on the way back to refuel with fruits and veggies!  Here is the map.

roadmap to Akaka Falls Park

DIRECTIONS.  You will get to Honomu from the north or south on HI-19 (Hawaii Belt Road).  Then when you see the sign to Honomu and Akaka Falls, go follow it up the steep hill.  After less than a half mile, at the T, turn left onto Honomu's main street (you have the right of way and don't need to stop when you turn).  You'll see some cute little businesses including places to buy trinkets, clothing, and lunch; even an internet cafe with the cheapest price in the state, one dollar per day.  It's just .1 mile on the main street, then turn right, still following the sign to Akaka Falls.  It's Akaka Falls Road.  By the way, after just .1 mile, you'll see our fruit and veggie stand on the right side, and you can stop to buy some corn, tomatoes, honey, and other good stuff.  It's marked in the map with the purple dot.  In real life, you'll see a slanted coconut tree next to the fruit stand.  But after that, just continue up the hill on Akaka Falls Road, and a couple miles further you'll be at the park.  They are charging a parking fee and admission fee now if you are not a Hawaii resident.